DU/DI Visit

This long-term commitment is considered very beneficial between the dictionary and the business and industrial world (DUDI). The collaboration program between the Campus and DUDI is also an absolute requirement for the success of vocational education later.

The existence of DU/DI now makes graduates have greater opportunities to get jobs. the dictionary is currently connected or cooperating with the business world and industry (DU/DI).

The world of business and industry (DU/DI) itself also has a role in assisting the implementation of industrial work practices or internships for lecturers and students. Mitras DUDI will later choose a new employee from one of the students according to the required competence.

Cooperation with DU/DI is not only focused on providing field work practices or internships for students, but also includes developing lecturer competencies, aligning curriculum, providing educational facilities and infrastructure, competency certification, and recruiting graduates from the campus itself.